Everybody's Exceptional, Including You! Suzanne V. Brown, Ph D.

Everybody's Exceptional, Including You!

United Kingdom (2017): Chipmunkapublishing. First Edition. Paperback. Fine. Item #08474

Have you ever had an odd, weird, even downright out-of-this-world experience you could not explain? These exceptional experiences (EEs), such as meaningful coincidences, floating out of your body, being in the sport zone or deja vu have the power to propel us into a whole new way of life. Up to 90% of people surveyed report they have had at least one EE. When EEs are explored further, they have the potential to transport each of us into our All-Self: They become Exceptional Human Experiences (EHEs). Based on the works by Dr. (hon.) Rhea A. White (1931 - 2007) with this author, Everybody's Exceptional, Including You! offers a self-quiz, a checklist with over 400 types of EEs/EHEs, and other tools to help you better recognize and identify your EHE Journey Homeward.

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