Nightmares & Bliss. Journeys Into Bipolar Mania. Suzanne V. Brown, Ph D.

Nightmares & Bliss. Journeys Into Bipolar Mania

United Kingdom (2014): Chipmunkapublishing. First Edition. Paperback. Fine. Item #08473

Nightmares & Bliss is Dr. Suzanne Brown's second book, a memoir about her experiences ascending into the heights of bipolar mania. Dr. Brown's first book, Blue Hills Diary: Mystical Journey into Mania was written 16 years earlier, when she was in the throes of a manic high. In contrast, Nightmares & Bliss attempts to answer those questions bipolar manic-depressive people have about their far-flung experiences. This story documents Dr. Brown's over-the-top manias resulting in four traumatic hospitalizations. Dr. Brown shares her developing episodes, her addictions to self-medicate, and her many ventures beyond the veil, including meaningful coincidences, mystical experiences and dramatic shifts of consciousness. Nightmares & Bliss is one book for people who want to better understand the bipolar person's varying dimensions of awareness, bizarre choices, and inner psyche.

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