Candide, Ou L'optimisme, Traduit De L'allemand De Mr. Le Docteur Ralph. Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire.
Candide, Ou L'optimisme, Traduit De L'allemand De Mr. Le Docteur Ralph

Candide, Ou L'optimisme, Traduit De L'allemand De Mr. Le Docteur Ralph

Geneva: Gabriel Cramer, 1759. First Edition. Full Leather. Fine. Item #08228

The third of the first four editions, according to Bengesco, 1436, and the fourth edition, according to Wade (see Voltaire and Candide, 1959, p. 201), dated 1759 with 299 pages, clandestinely printed and published by Cramer in Geneva and preceeding the other 16 different editions published throughout Europe in 1759. The present copy conforms to Bengesco 1436, in every respect, which is "page by page, line for line like the first edition" except for the "que ce ce fut" error on page 103, an error which was introduced by Cramer into the early printings, then doubtless not "fixed" as it was correct in the first place. Note that the fleurons agree exactly with Bengesco 1436, as follows: p. 134 is a basket of fruits; p. 228 shows two horns 'a plenty; the fleuron at p. 115 is repeated on pages 179 and 193; fleuron on page 213 is signed N. C. and is repeated on page 279; page 277 is paginated 177. The present copy also agrees with Wade (see Voltaire and Candide, 1959, p. 201), in every respect, including that page 17 is numbered 15. Both the above references to Bengesco and Wade show signatures A-N3, meaning they are bound without the Table of Chapters; the present copy, like 7 of the 10 known copies of the first edition, shows signatures A-N6, without the final leaves, N7 (a blank) and without N8, instructions to the binder concerning the cancellation of two pairs of leaves, B4, B9 and D6, D7. In addition to the above, let us state the textual points in the present copy: page 31 (B4), an unnecessary paragraph break was eliminated. The words "mais il y a une raison....." do NOT start a new paragraph; page 41 (B9), several short sentences about the Lisbon earthquake, were rewritten, as "car, dit-il, tout ceci est....."; page 84 (D6, D7), reads "Nos filles se trouverent...."; page 103, reads "que ce fut....." as explained above, was correct to begin with, then discovered by Cramer and was not "fixed"; page 125, reads "mais ils se leverent precisement......"; page 242, the paragraph beginning "Candide etait afflige....."; has been removed, by Voltaire, while the book was being printed, as it was critical of German poets. Pages 121 - 168 (signatures F and G) are a larger type than the rest of the book. In summation, the present copy agrees with the first edition, except that the "que ce ce fut...." error, was discovered and not inserted, and the fleurons differ, but are by Cramer, who printed the first four editions. This, a wide margined copy, is larger than other copies we have seen at 165 mm x 95 mm; beautifully bound in late 19th Century full tan leather, with raised bands and gilt decoration on spine, with a brown leather lettering piece, marbled end papers, all edges gilt; printed on laid paper. The text is remarkably clean and bright; a fine copy. PMM204.

Price: $16,000.00

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